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Linda Diaz-Murphy, LPC, RPT, CTTS, LCADC

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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist, specializing in Trauma Focused Play Therapy and Sand Play Therapy for children, teens and adults.  I have my own counseling practice and offer effective outpatient, individualized, psychological care. I treat a number of mental health issues, and provide a neutral perspective to children, teens and adults. I provide individual, family, and couples therapy. 

I am a grief counselor for the Victim Witness Assistance Program Office of Military Commissions assisting 9/11 victim family members (VFM) who travel to GTMO, Cuba, to view in person the pretrial hearings of the five prisoners charged with the murder of over 4,000 people who died in the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11/01.  Let us all pray for the 40,000 survivors who are in need of our prayers and support. 

I have visited Puerto Rico and shared my book, The Wounded Yellow Butterfly and  La Mariposa Amarilla Herida with the children affected by Hurricane Maria. I offer children affected by Hurricane Maria grief counseling. 

I have donated copies of my Book, The Wounded Yellow Butterfly and La Mariposa Amarillo Herida, to victims of natural disasters in Puerto Rico, North Carolina, Texas, South Carolina and New Jersey.  I have donated books to families of police officers killed in the line of duty and children who lost a family member due to a police shooting.  I have donated toys and copies of my book in English and in Spanish to organizations helping children who have crossed the American Borders, suffered trauma and/or witnessed unchecked aggression, undue community violence, etc.  

I have been married for 40 years to Brian.  I am a mother, grandmother, and have two wonderful grandchildren who helped me write the book, "The Wounded Yellow Butterfly,” a story of a wounded butterfly and other insects and garden animals who rebuild their once peaceful garden after a terrible storm.  I am in the process of creating an animation based on "The Wounded Yellow Butterfly" book. 


I am providing free downloads for children, parents and counselors experiencing natural disasters and other traumatic events of my books and audio/videos in Spanish and in English with captions of my books, The Wounded Yellow Butterfly  or  La Mariposa Amarilla Herida on this website and utube.

Full Circle is when something "comes full circle", it completes a cycle, returns to its beginnings.  "We can go from optimism to pessimism and back to optimism again in our lives". It is also an “expression of the moment”.  

                                                                                                                                                 Wishing you all the best, Linda 


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Safe Place: The Waiting Room

The focus is to help children, teens and adults become aware of their inner strengths to help each individual grow from their struggles, heal from their pain, and move forward to where each person wants to be in their life. To achieve this, each person is provided a neutral safe space where trust can develop and healing can begin. 

The Healing Journey

I will be there for you every step of your healing journey.  Your journey may include feeling safe, expressing your feelings, learning to cope with anxiety, telling your personal story and making closer connections with others. 

Grief is a strong emotional response to loss.

Initial Response to a Traumatic Event

Initially children, teens and adults may feel shock. It may seem unreal and may cause a feeling of hopelessness or meaninglessness of life. They may ask, "Why did this happen to me?" We all need consistency in our lives. We want to feel in control and make sense of our lives and the world around us. When something tragic happens we want to know “Why?” 


After a tragic event, children, teens  and adults may have trouble functioning at home, work and/or school.  We may feel and/or experience  fear, anxiety, or depression.  We may have an inability to form or keep relationships, withdrawing from others.  We may experience terrifying memories, nightmares, or flashbacks, and may avoid things or triggers that remind us of the traumatic event.  We may also regress and act out uncharacteristically. We may experience physical problems including fatigue, being startled easily, poor concentrating, racing heartbeat, edginess and agitation, aches and pains, muscle tension, nausea, and headaches.   

Recovery may take weeks, months and even years. Each person is different and his or her recovery time should be respected. 

Recovery & Building Hope

Guide children and teens through the stages of grief and toward the transformation to hopefulness by providing them with ways to regain trust, express and cope with feelings, tell their personal stories and reconnect with others to restore and rebuild their lives. The Wounded Yellow Butterfly book is a perfect story book for children to help understand  the process of grief and recovery and to instill hope.

life's Issues


Counseling will help define your role, find comfort, support and confidence  with the choices you make. 

Pregnancy choices, Pregnancy Loss, Abortion and Grief

Counseling helps you make choices about pregnancy including deciding how many children to have. 

Counseling provides a safe place to share the loss of a pregnancy and to gain a better understanding of the normal grieving and healing process. 

Counseling provides a safe place for sharing your loss after an abortion and to gain a better understanding of the normal grieving and healing process. 

Pre Abortion Counseling provides you with an opportunity to explore your choices and to understand the negative effects of an abortion. 


Counseling can provide you a safe place to explore what being safe is, who are the safe and unsafe people, and how to keep yourself and others you love safe. 

Empowerment and Independence

Counseling is beneficial to everyone seeking to empower themselves and strengthen their commitment in facing injustices i.e., domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, etc.  You may explore enabling behavior and find the courage to correct injustices, not tolerating, enabling or excusing them.  Victims of crimes are strongly advised to seek medical, psychological and spiritual support as well as filing a police report.  You may call this office for assistance to the police department to file sexual assault charges and accompaniment to the hospital for a rape kit exam.  All are welcome and safe here regardless of your political or religious beliefs or affiliation.  

All calls are confidential. 


Counseling can help understand "otherness" and establish a strong identity. 

Couples Counseling

Relationship counseling can be beneficial to all couples looking to strengthen their emotional connection, in all stages of their relationship. Therapy sessions are held with couples in a supportive environment to discuss issues and solutions to better strengthen the relationship.    

Therapy for Children, Teens and Families

Sand Play Therapy

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that children, teens and adults may experience at some point in their lives. Through sand play therapy, children, teens and adults may recover motivation, perspective, and joy that they once had in their lives. 


Trauma Focused Play Therapy For Children

Many children and teens can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger after post traumatic events. Children and teens can overcome these symptoms and helped with caring guidance through the process of grief and healing. 


Family Counseling

Family counseling can be beneficial to all members in the family looking to strengthen their emotional connections. Therapy sessions are held with family members in a supportive environment to discuss issues and solutions to better relate to one another.     

Therapy for First Responders, 9/11 VFM's and Veterans

Police & Firefighters

9/11 Victim Family Members

Veterans & Family Members

The Five Themes of Trauma Focused Play Therapy

Understanding Therapy

Therapy helps you find hope and balance in your life! 

#1 Safety

Therapy can help you feel safe again.

#2 Coping

Therapy can help you cope with your loss.

#3 Expressing Your Fellings

Therapy can help you express your feelings.

#4 Connecting With Others

Therapy can help you feel closer to others.

#5 Telling Your Story

Therapy provides a safe place to tell your story. 

"What is Play Therapy?"

Play Therapy helps your child find his or her balance in life! 

After Therapy & Reading The Wounded Yellow Butterfly story, I felt validated


School Bullying

Mother and child said, "Attending therapy helped us feel as if we had built a kaleidoscope as the animals and insects in the story had done after the storm.  We have picked up the pieces of broken glass, built our kaleidoscope and saw a new way to care for ourselves 

by attending another school which helped us move on with our lives."  -Karen and Fran

Sexual Abuse

I realized in therapy, "I may be wounded like the wounded yellow butterfly, but I too can still fly even after the abuse." - Anne


"Therapy helped me find peace living in two homes just like the butterfly, the animals and insects rebuilt and found peace in their garden." -Joanna

Loss of a Pet

"Losing my pet was like going through the terrible storm in the story. But I feel better today. Therapy helped me through the sad days and to remember the happy days just like the garden insects and animals remembered things in the past."  -Marco


"In therapy I learned I am lovable and have value even if both of my parents neglected and abused me. I am with a new family now and it is a new day just like the new day in the peaceful garden where the the wounded yellow butterfly, the 

rainbow butterflies and bird family live. 

I got a second chance just like 

the wounded yellow butterfly." - Pedro

Mother has a Mental Illness

"I can love my mother and rebuild my relationship with her just like the animals and insects in the story when they built loving friendships. Therapy helped me understand my mother better.  She is a lot like the wounded yellow butterfly and I am too." -Mary

The Wounded Yellow Butterfly Book


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La Mariposa Amarillo Herido


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

La Mariposa Amarillo Herido

The Wounded Yellow Butterfly

Children's Nonviolent Peace and Justice Program

Program offered to individual child, school, agency, and organization. Classes are held at my office, as well. You may choose one or more themes (five classes per theme) to present to students or clients. The cost is $10.00 per child in a group or $25.00 per individual child in a private training session.

Six Themes: 5 classes of each themes





Conflict Resolution 


Learn what being safe means, who are safe people, who are unsafe people, and learn to protect yourself.  If a child claims they have been bullied, assaulted and /or discriminated against, believe them and remove them from the unsafe environment.  

Believe your children when they report to you they are suicidal and remove them from the source of their distress and call 911 or take your child to the nearest emergency room. You may also call 201-262-HELP for a suicidal screening.  

Unsafe school environment includes child on child physical assault and/or sexual assault.  These are serious crimes and should never be excused or ignored, but reported to the police and the Institutional Abuse Department of Children Protection and Permanency (DCPP), formally known as DYFS or call your local child protective services.

Place, Time, Cost and Facilitator

Place: My Office

Day: Sat

Time:  9 am-10am  

Cost: $10.00  per person per class 

Facilitator: Linda Diaz-Murphy, Conflict Resolution Specialist 

You must register your child or teen before attending training. You may also consider registering for individual sessions for your child. 

Using Drugs, Alcohol and Sex is not "Experimentation"

Drug Use and Abuse of Street Drugs and Prescription Medication

The use of drugs without a prescription is illegal.  Using street drugs is a sign of  a problem!  Teach your children and teens that there is no such thing as "experimentation".  Abusing prescription drugs is abuse. Illegal drugs and the abuse of medication causes medical problems, coma and/or death.

The long term use of Marijuana has severe consequences/negative effects. 

Alcohol Use and Abuse

Using alcohol is a sign there is a problem! Teach your children and teens that there is no such thing as "experimentation".  Drinking causes medical problems, coma and/or death.

Sex Use and Abuse

Early sexual behavior may be a sign of sexual abuse. Early sexual behavior is not "experimentation" but a sign there is a problem.  If you suspect sexual abuse of children or teens, report immediately to the police and/or your local children's protective services. 

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Counseling helps you find balance in your life!

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Contact Linda Diaz-Murphy  for an appointment , referral, for assistance and accompaniment to the police department and/or hospital, with questions. comments and/or concerns. Remember you are welcome here regardless of your political affiliation and/or religious beliefs.  

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